Collaboration with Amalia Wiatr Lewis.

How can body and materiality transform each other? Where does one end and another begin? When does materiality give way to landscape? What happens when these things quiver in the in-between?

Waterbodies is a series of performances exploring the undeniable sinew that lives between human, materiality, and landscape. We use sculptural wearables to echo the ephemeral conditions in which two bodies negotiate space, form, and relationship. The sculptural pieces create restrictions in bodily relationships and spatial encounter, while uncovering new ways of being.

The sound for waterbody was designed by Landon Caldwell

Collaboration with Amalia Wiatr Lewis.

This performance is an engaged improvisation. Using the visual and conceptual themes in the embroidery as prompt, Amalia Wiatr Lewis is creating a performance in real time that interacts, responds, and embodies. The performance highlights how the embroidery itself can also be seen as a moving body. This piece is durational and will change incrementally throughout the evening (and for many more years to come).

Video Installation in Collaboration with Nathan Ekema