Parentheses, Punctuation Marks I, 8x60”, Typewriter Ink on Silk 

An exploration on Punctuation marks: this piece was conceived in a conversation of women in the workplace, particularly in regards to secretarial roles during the 20th century. The loud and repetitive action of typing in the workplace is primarily extinct, however the process of making this piece pays homage to it. Parentheses are usually inserted as an explanation or afterthought, something that we almost forgot but is vitally important. These two things in concert with one another also lead one to consider how we societally “parenthesize” people. Who do we choose to leave out of histories? What do we consider as afterthoughts?

Semicolon, Punctuation Marks II, 8x60”, Typewriter Ink on Silk

An exploration on Punctuation marks: Pauses, or visual chasms interrupt rows of semicolons. Used to indicate a pause that is more pronounced than that indicated by a comma, a semicolon creates a breath.